Professional Review: Does the Hot Stone Facial Mask Set actually brighten?

Guest Writer: Li Ying Lim

LiYing Lim was formerly the beauty editor of Harper’s BAZAAR Malaysia and Senior Digital Content Manager at South China Morning Post’s STYLE Magazine. She now serves tea ceremonies in devotion to the Tea Spirit via When Still Waters Speak ( She welcomes all connections should you need an ear or help with eating disorders. You can find her via email (, Instagram (@liyinglimmm), and Facebook (@whenstillwatersspeak).


A Big Fan of Snow Fox Skincare

First off, let me just say that I am a big fan of Snow Fox Skincare. I have had a solid five years of living the life of Beauty Editor of Harper’s BAZAAR Malaysia as well as three years in digital content management at South China Morning Post in Hong Kong, both tenures that have given me the good fortune to try and test many (and I mean, MANY) skincare and cosmetics products. I have my hand on my heart when I say, I have not met a brand that felt like something in which I would personally invest, until I came across Snow Fox Skincare.


NEW Hot Stone Facial Set Launched

So when the new Hot Stone Facial Set launched, I was ecstatic.

The set itself comes with a box of sheet masks and a Black Obsidian Hot Stone Gua Sha. Now, I have always been wary of hot stone facials because I have sensitive skin that just goes up in flames the minute it encounters something that it does not like. Snow Fox Skincare has truly given me a solution after years and years of searching for a skincare brand that would not irritate my skin or cause any breakouts. Naturally, I was hopeful about this one.


Self-Massage with Hot Stone Facial Set

I started off using the sheet masks twice a week along with the hot stone. It felt immensely relaxing when I ran the hot stone across my face on top of the mask for a self-massage. When the obsidian is run under hot water and feels warm against the skin, your pores naturally will open up and receive all the great nourishing benefits of the mask.


Best of all, I truly felt the warmth unknot any tension along the neck and I can get some great lymphatic drainage out of this without ever having to step foot into a facialist’s (very handy in times of Corona). The great instructions provided in the set makes this super easy to achieve at home.


While the mask’s serum provides an extra boost of strength, I also make sure I apply the True Luminosity Serum daily, a bit of a cult product here on Snow Fox (it always sells out!).

I notice that it is a great addition as after all the opening up of pores, I would want to seal them in with this serum, which is hailed as a must for brightening.

As summer is amongst us, I found it a true saviour that was most useful in combating freckles and discolouration of the skin.



So would I recommend this?

Absolutely. As you can see my skin has cleared up distinctly more than before, and with daily doses of Snow Fox’s True Luminosity Serum and Herbal Youth Oil, I am feeling more confident about going out without any makeup on (something I would never have done five years back!).


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