The Difference Between Facial Tonics

Tonics are also known as "essences", they work as moisture boosters and soften your skin. So, it's best to apply it straight after cleansing and before using your serum or moisturizer. 


What's the difference between Tonics and How do I know which One's right for me?

Tonics are best grouped by their primary water base. For example, our Cucumber Tonic's main base is Rose Water, which is light weight, pH rebalancing and floral. The Herbal Youth Tonic's main base is Lotus Root Water, which is more emollient, brightening and herbal. 



They both hydrate, but have very different characteristics. So when it comes to choosing, it's often recommended to prioritize by what skincare concerns you want to address. Do you want something hydrating but not too heavy because you have oilier skin? Rose Water. Super dry skin and in need of a moisture boost while living in high altitude climates? Lotus Root Water.



The beauty of Clean Skincare is that with either choice, you won't be risking much potential irritation, so can always try and figure out what makes your skin happiest. Remember, the same skin can experience a variety of changes due to endless lifestyle and environmental factors, so as long as you're not having adverse reactions, you can easily switch after finishing a product with minimal waste.


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