The Difference Between Professional and Basic Sheet Masks

The most important difference between sheet masks are not just about their different material types; but what their serums are actually formulated for. In a market where there are thousands of sheet mask choices, it’s normal to wonder what exactly is the difference between any of them besides those that bubble, have cute prints on the fabric or have different ingredients.


The Effectiveness of Sheet Masks

This comes down to understanding that the effectiveness of each sheet mask relies completely on the serum quality and formula, to be able to deliver the visible results you are hoping to achieve. Like any other skincare product, formula is key. The application also affects the formula: some sheet masks bubble up, others come with matching serums that can be added on first and some even come in dried pellets that expand when you add the essence!
While there’s no right or wrong, the first thing to know is that there are generally two main categories of sheet mask formulas:
“Basic” and “Professional”.



“Basic” Sheet Masks are sheet masks with simpler formulas that focus on hydration rather than anything else. They are great for daily use and tend to be gentle with less active ingredients. They’re also usually cheaper as they’re meant for those with normal skin types who want a boost of easy hydration when they have time. Basic Sheet Masks are fun, usually single-ingredient focused and are often sold in single pieces with a very large variety on offer. They’re often impulse buys for normal skin types to try and can be a lot of fun for those who enjoy trying out different ingredient types, discover new masks or love new trends. The best part of “Basic” sheet masks is the amount of trendy, new ingredient masks that customers can choose from without risking too much investment.




“Professional” Sheet Masks are sheet masks with more complex formulas that address a specific skin type, set of concerns and adhere to certain brand conditions. For example, if you have enlarged pores, oily skin and active blemishes but prefer eco friendlier options and “clean” skincare formulas, you would be looking for a sheet mask that does more than just hydrate so it can help with your concerns, but also doesn’t contain strong synthetic colors and fragrances or not biodegrable (like microfiber, which tends to accumulate microfibre plastic pollution that ends up in the ocean). Professional Sheet Masks tend to have multi-ingredient packed formulas with higher concentrations of actives, which are meant to deliver more intense results. Because of this, they usually come with high retail price points and are likely to be considered “premium” items and are usually not sold in single sheets as value packs or boxes make more sense for the both the consumer and the producer. They’re also meant to be used consistently in a skin care routine (ie. Weekly, twice weekly).


What category are Snow Fox Skincare Masks?

Snow Fox masks are considered Professional Sheet Masks as none of the masks are single ingredient focused products and each mask serum formula is specifically created for different functional “missions”.
Even our Japanese Cherry Blossom & White Tea Smoothing Mask, famed for its main ingredient, actually also contains large and small weight Hyaluronic acid for superior plumping and hydration, Pumpkin Seed extract, organic Chamomile water and Sea water!


These are all active, natural ingredients meant to deliver visible results without being too harsh on skin that are included other than Cherry Blossom and White Tea extracts. Why don’t we point out all of these ingredients in each marketing campaign?

Simply because every formula contains such a numerous amount of botanicals that our marketing materials are better off simplified. So there’s a lot of “background” active ingredients are are no less effective than the ones we focus on.



Choosing Between Basic and Professional Sheet Masks

So choosing between Basic and Professional Sheet Masks really depends on what your expectations are.
Basic sheet masks are cheap, easy to access and use, and offer an incredible span of variety for endless hours of discovery and sampling but don’t expect them to be more than trends or hydration based.
Professional Sheet Masks are more expensive, harder to find due to less mass production and require more in depth knowledge to be able to apply it effectively in a customized skin care routine but you can expect more intensive visible results.
If you’re going to spend more money on premium sheet masks, they definitely should be yielding a good return on investment!
We hope the above was helpful and keep an eye out for our Sheet Masks!